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Setting up a campaign with Fund Youth Sports takes just a few minutes. Regardless if you are raising money for yourself, your team or an are just a few clicks away from getting your first donation.

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No! You can create your account and will never be charged any setup fees. We charge a small percentage based on each donation you receive.

We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers and cash app. We are currently working on adding PayPal and Venmo!

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You can raise as much as you want....but be prepared to put in the work. We can help to email or text family and friends, push to social media and provide you some tools to create good messaging. BUT it is up to you to promote your campaign and put in the hard work to ask people for help.

Generally, we would recommend a 2-3 week window to raise money for an event, but we don't put limits on your campaigns. Keep them open all year and allow donors to help you throughout the season. You get the money within 48 hours of the donation being made.

Normally the money will be in your bank account within 48 hours of the donation being made. This depends on how quickly the bank approves the transaction. Donations made over the weekend may take another 24 hours to arrive.